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EBC - Ep 1 (Draft)

 Year:  2003 

  Place:  TCS Interview

Interviewer:   The interview is over, do you have any questions?
Me:  After i join TCS,   if i like to go for trekking and see Mt.Everest, will you give me a month leave?

STOP,  if you are looking for a motivation story,  life lessons etc..  i suggest you not to read further.   I only wanted to share my story as i thought it was interesting enough as a simple entertainer :) , if you still find it motivational or useful in anyway its purely unintentional. 

Now Back to the story, 

Needless to say i didnt clear the interview, also my dream back then was not just to visit Everest but to climb to top of Everest, also to win a Nobel prize. 

Then life happened, reality took over, years went by and for the next 12 years I didnt go beyond deccan plateau and didnt go beyond an average Software Engineer.   

In our generation and for an average conservative software engineer, its mostly beyond the age of 32+ and once your kids are grown, then we will start to talk about this term, 'bucketlist' as family.   
In our new bucketlist, the first wish was to touch and feel the snow..    and thats when i get introduced to "Himalayas" 


And "kashmir" happened, and this itself is a blog worthy story, and I will write one and add the reference here.

"Kashmir" introduced me to the gigantic mesmerizing snow peaks,  but i was on a tour, and i just got exactly 15 mins of lonely time to do a very short hike at 14000 ft.  Its like getting a glimpse of your fav music concert ( illayaraja /Ar Rahman ) from the streets for few secs, you just feel that 'high' for that few moments and move on. 

 But kashmir gave a complete different experience for our family,   we got stuck in srinagar for two days after some terrorist issues, and my friends had to create "Thiyaga meetpu kuzhu", it was sooo thrilling and somehow we reached chennai. ( More details in separate blog).    The whole family wanted a relaxing time once we reached chennai and thats when the worst flood in chennai history happened 2015 :)  ( Treat this as a teaser to my "kashmir story", to keep the context relevant, i am skipping details now ) 


Every gang has that one rugged girl,  ava panra settai la partha, we really wish her to get married soon:) 

Jayashree, everytime we meet she will talk about some of the trip she went or she is planning, and she is one of close friend for my wife too, more than a friend she call her "Mummy" ( again there is a back story for this, skipping it for now :) ) 

One day we are having a family dinner in a hotel, thats why Jayashree picked up this topic of trekking, she was talking about a 8 day trip to a place called "sandhakpu",   and i was like 

"Is this even possible?", Did you plan your office leaves,  you told your mom?...   a series of questions,  (Remember 13 years i was the same person who planned to just go to himalayas for a month :) )

She started to explain one by one, i always get jealous when she talks about some trip, but this time i really got super jealous,  this is something i wanted to do for long time and the sad thing is i totally forgot and dont even know if such a long trek can be done.   

Jayashree asked, why cant you join, you can still plan,  My wife clearly saw the disappointment in my face, and out of nowhere she said "You like it la, why cant you go",  I couldnt believe why she said that, and she was telling in confidence just 8 days we can manage,  enna mood la adha sonnalo therla..  the next moment i was soooo high..  before we get the bill for the dinner, i booked the flight tickets and booked the trip. 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day - Gift by Treasure Hunt

Deivangal ellam thotre pogum, thandhai anbin munne... 

Amma:  "enna azhaga paadudhu la indha kutti paiyan..."

Mobile la yaaroda whatsapp status kaamchi, soltu irundhaa...

Appa:   "Oh innaiku Father's day va..  indha vaandu payala enaku nalla theriyume..  ivan enna edho rhymes solra maadhiri sentiment song paadittu irukkan.. paavam...  Adhu sari..   nammalu enga.. "

pinnadi enga irundho, room vittu veliya odraan...

Aadhav:  "Aaayushhhh*...... (*indha ayush ku artham at the end of the page) amma...     appava room vittu veliya vidadheenga konja neram.. naan ready sonnadhum vidunga.. "

Father's day marandhuttan.. ippo enga dialogues kettutu samalikka edho panna odirukkan.. ( nammala maadhiriye :) ) 

After few mins...

Door open pantu vandhu kaila oru thundu seetu koduthan..

1st clue:  Happy father's day

Appa:  "Oh rightu.. Treasure huntaa..   indha first clue . happy father's day vechu enna kandu pudikka.. "

 apdiye yosichitte irundhen..

Aadhav:  "aaaahhhh...    appa adhu clue ve illa.. adhu ungaluku wish pannadhu.. paper thiruppi paarunga adhula dhan second clue irukku.."

Appa:  "Ada mandoosa.. appo edhukuda 1st nu pottu vechiruka.. confuse aagudha illaya..  "

1st clue: Search where sand is..  

( makkal confuse aaga koodadhu.. idhu 2nd clue nu potrukum.. but idhu dhan first clue.. bcuz 1st nu pottadhu 1st clue ve illa.. ) 

Appa:   "Namma veetla enga mannu iruku..  un mandaila dhan irukum.."

       Summa tease pante.. searched and found out,  enga veetla, plant veikalamnu romba naala oru pot mattum vaangi vechirundhom.. adhula iruku.. 

2nd clue: It is the coldest place

Appa:  "Idhellam oru clue va.. fridge freezer la irukum...  " kandu pudichadhu.

3rd clue: Near musical instrument

Appa:  "Ennada ivlo easyaa iruku ellam..  namma veetla iruka ore music instrument en pazhaya violin dabba."

oru nakkal sirippu sirichitte poi thedren anga kaanum..  

"Sari inga illaina.. namma bose speaker.." poi thadavi thadavi paakren angayum kaanum..

Aadhav:  "First rendu clue summa paavam easy nu koduthen.. idhu tough pa.. kandu pudinga.."

Romba neram thadavittu.. aadhava.. clue ku oru clue kudra.. 

Aadhav:  "sari poyachu ponga.. idhu perula dhan musical instrument aana real music instrument illa.."

adhuvum takkunu thonala.. apram ivan kannu oru orama pochu.. andha direction vechu kandu pudichiten...

Appa: "Ada paavi, keyboard keezha vechirukiya.... but othuka maaten.. clue musical instrument nu irundha epdi.. "

Aadhav:  "Sari sari adutha clue paarunga.."

4th clue: Its a moving vehicle

konjam tough dhan but kandu pudichitten..  veetukulla iruka ore moving vehicle ivanoda wave board.

odi poi waveboard eduthu paartha.. kaanum..

Aadhav:  "Aayush..  appa..  kannu therlaya.. nalla parunga.. "

Appa: "ada inga dhan otti vechirukiyaa.... takkunu therlada pappu...anyway kandu pudichom la correcta.. "

5th clue:  Your place. 

Appa:  "Haha idhu sama easy..."

en working desk la poi theduna.. angayum kaanum.. apram chair, desk , laptop nu ellathukum adila paarthuten engayum kaanum.. 

"Ennada clue ivlo easya iruku.. but kandu pudikka mudila.. en place enakke therla..   by any chance restroom la vechuttiya...?? "

Aadhav: "illa illa..  nalla yosinga...."

takkunu enga book shelf la ore oru drawer la mattum.. en idam idhu, idha touch panna koodadhunu peru ezhudhi vechirundhen last month.. 

odi poi open panni paartha..  onnume kaanum papers dhan irundhuchu..

"Ennada idhulayum twista.. inga enga da olichu vechirukka??"

Aadhav: "Appa ungaluku suthama kannu pochu.. adhan melaye paper iruke andha drawing dhan gift paarunga..."

Appa: "Oh i am sori da aadhava.. "

Andha paper la indha drawing...

Appa:  "ennada idhu... en kaalu ipdi iruku..  enna maadhiriya modern art da idhu.."

Aadhav:  "ungaluku puriyadhunu theriyum..  adhuku dhan pinnadi ezhudhi vechiruken..  thiruppi paarunga.."

Thiruppuna idhu..

( Summary:   Appa is swimming to the worlds tallest mountain.. ) 

Appa:  "Ennadhu swim panni malai era porena..  oh idhu swimming goggles and flippersa..    idhu endha planet da aadhava.. swimming la trekkinga..   "

Aadhav:  "............................."

Appa:  Ohhhhhhhhh..

Now Guess his explanation..  and tell in comments..  either in facebook or blogger or in whatsapp... :) 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Titbits - 1 (Aadhavum Ammavum)

Titbits:  These are kutti stories, max 1 to 2 mins read..

Oru usual day.. 

naanum avalum sandai pottutu irundhom.. sama seriousa..   

ivan enga irundho odi vandhu,

"appa..  ammava adikadheenga adikaadheenga... "  nu over scene pottan.. 

( Udane.. feminism la pesittu varadheenga..  actuala just vaai pechu la dhan sandai pottutu irundhom... ivana vandhu over build up panran... )

Poda.. nu thalli vittu.. seriousa adikira maadhiri scene potten.... avan aniyaya paasathula vandhu ammava katti pudichittu 

"amma ku valikum...  adikadheenga pa... "  nu unmailaye moonja paavama vechuttu nadula vandhu ninnukittan...

avan amma over feel, paasakara payala irukiye da nu,

"Iru da aadhava,  Nee poi saapdu..  ivara naan paarthukuren....  table la upma vechiruken paaru.."

"Ennadhu...  Upma vaaaaa.  appa neenga nalla adichukonga..  naan edhuvum thadukala... "  thalaya thonga pottu amaidhiya poittan...

Amma: 😠😟😤

Appa:  😂😂😂

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Terrace Cricket - Part 2

Make sure you read the first part, 

Terrace Cricket - Part 1

Last part la  naama enga vittom..  aaaan..  sledging, serious fights...

actuala overa limit dhaandi sandai la pottu.. naangale 'peace day' la veipom.. innaiku no sledging,   pesama aadurom.. sportive aa aadrom nu..  but adhellam romba nerathuku set aagadhu..  marubadi adichupom...

Sambavam Day:

Kaalaila irundhe enakkum avanukum continuous fights,  first fight kaalaila tiffen 'muttai aappam' la .. avan amma avanuku mattum muttai aappam sutu koduthaa. enaku kodukalainu verupethitte irundhaan..   adhula start aagi evening varaikum chinna chinna fights...

Evening aachu..

"Dei aadhava..  idhellam romba overrrr da..  sappa pepsi ball match ku , hand gloves la pottutu.. over scene podadhada... "

(Cricket coaching poittu over alaparai panvan nu sonnen first part la..  adhoda sample idhu..  but pic la iruka alavuku thigh pad, helmet la illa.. just gloves mattum dhan.. terrace cricket ku  :).  )

"Appa ungaluku therinjadhellam ore shot dhan..  flick la aada theriyuma...  flick adikradhukellam grip venum.. gloves irundha dhan mudiyum... "

apdiye bat la stroke adichitte...  veetlaye start pantan.... 

"Vaanga polam..."

Mandailaye adippen.. stump evan unga appana eduthuttu varuvaaan..    

Aamam nu soltu bat mattum thookittu terrace ku odittaan..

Match 1:  

Gloves la potten paa.. kayattanuma.. first batting aadrenu ..  Eppavum pola edhayo solli emathi, first batting poittan..    

first match konjam normal la dhan start aachu.. but 2 run ke out aagittan..

"rendu run, idhellam oru score.. idhuku edhuku gloves la maatikittu varanum.. idhula flick shot verayam..  thambi ponga.. "

Naan batting..  First ball laye 4 runs,  btw idhu test match, so apdiye innings continue panlam..  so asusual punch la pesittu.. continue pannen.. but en weakness full toss ball pottu out pantan.. 

1st Innings

Aadhav: 2, Appa: 4. ( 2 runs lead)

Second innings aada vandhavan..   edho. mudivoda vandhavan maadhiri over responsible la aadittan.. evlo sledge panni paarthen.. adhayum thaandi 16 runs adichuttan..

but padhinaaru runs la paduthutte adippom da nu sollittu seriousave 14 runs  (+2 runs lead) adichutten..  but aniyayama urundu pona ball, compound la rebound aagi veliya poiduchu..  outtt :( 

Draw the match..   Nalla kaduppagiduchu.. ( level 1) 

2nd Innings:

Aadhav: 16: Appa: 14. 

Result: Draw

Match 2:

First Match  la irundha form la apdiye continue panni, samaya aadittan.. onnume panna mudila..   Idha romba detail la solla interest illa..    Samaya adichaan..  win pantan avlo dhan....

Result: Aadhav Won

Match 3:

1st Innings:

Sama kaduppula ( level 2) irundhen..  indha match um thothutten.. series pochu..   

"ivare eppavum first battinge aaduvaram.. naanga ball pottute irukanuma.. pongada dei..  Indha match, naane first batting aadren.. "

"First innings la oru 50 adichu vecha dhanda theriyum unaku.. follow on panna vechu win panren paaru... " ipdi ennanavo pesittu poi batting aadnen...

First ball..  backfoot punch.. mass shot..  4 runs..

Apdiye Getha avana paarthen.....

"Outtttt..  " sirichitte odi vandhan..  oru aarvathula backfoot punch pannum bodhu stump midhichitten.. 

Hit wicket..  "DUCK". :( :( 

Ippo kaduppu la level 10 thaandi poiduchu..  

Idhuku mela konjam kooda nyayama la vilayadave mudiyadhu..   enaku therinja motha spin, fast ellathayum serthu verithanama potten..  

1st ball..  kaal la pattuchu.   -2 runs

3rd ball ball tip  again -2 runs.

5th ball out 1 pitch catch.. 


Appa:  0 , Aadhav: -4. ( Appa lead by 4 runs)

Naane fast pottena, avan summava iruppan.. second innings la sama speed.. ball la thodave mudila..  

mela parthe adhe sequence.. 

naanum  -4 runs  :( 

nilamai romba mosama pochu..   1 run aachum adiche aaganum.. illaina 'series' pochu..

apram epdiyo thatti oru 4 runs vandhuchu..  

lighta confident aagiten..  confident aana summa irupoma.. punch dialogue la pesittu aadren... vittan oru fast ball.. stump la parandhuduchu....   Cleaaan bowled...

Sama Fast ball vera pottu bowled pantan..  ippo kaduppu level 1000 ku poiduchu..   still lead by 4 runs..  but  this time ball thodave koodadhunu.. aniyaya speed 1st ball la irundhe potten..

2nd ball..  kungfu panda style la 'Inner peace' la panni, kai ellam suthi..  vitten oru fast ball...

Bowled.....  enaku epdi stump parandhucho.. adhe speed la.. cleaaaan bowled.....

Seriousave aniyaya kushi aagiten.. apdiye 'Vetri kuri' la pottutu.. yes yes yes nu jump la pantu poi,

"ippo pesuda...  ippo pesu...  fast ball , no ball nu edhachum soli paaru.. vaailaye bongu nu kuthuren.." 

avan apdiye silenta ninnutu irundhaan...

"Come on.. talkk meee " nu avan kitta poi verupethitte irundhen....

Andha Gloves potta kaiyoda.. apdiye penguin maadhiri kaiya virichu thathi thathi nadandhu vandhu..  katti pudichutan...

"Appa well played pa..  Nice match.. neenga win panteenga "

apdiye few secs silent aagitten enna solradhune therla...   

 Neeyum supera dhan aaduna aadhava... . nice game.. series draw dhana.."

Then the second most beautiful thing of 'Street/Terrace cricket',  match mudichittu utkandhu mokka podra time.. 

Apdiye long shot la naanga pesitte ..

"ippo la nee samaya aadra aadhava.. run edukave tougha iruku.. "

"appo ungala out aakura trick therinjiduchupa enaku..  full toss pottale pottunu out aagidreenga... "

Street/terrace cricket aaduna gang dhan indha feelings puriyum..... Cricket oru 2 hours aadromna..  indha after match mokkai oru 2 hours pogum..  and those are our memorable moments..   Yesss let that sink in for a moment....  Happy memories... 

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Terrace Cricket - Part 1


"Aadhavaaa..   compound la pattu veliya ponalum out dhaanda.... "

"Kaal la patta dhan -2 runs, thighs la patta la kidayadhu... "

"Dei one pitch one hand dhan out.. nee un body oda pudicha la out kidayadhu.... "

"Pochu irundha oru ball um veliya adichittiyaa.. "

"Appa idhu dead ball la illa.. idhan grubber...  "

"idhuku dhanda chinna pasanga kooda la vilayada koodadhu... " 

These are our usual snippets from our 'Terrace cricket' scenes.. 

"Adadada..  eppa paarthalum sandai..  urupadiya vilayadave theriyadha... "   idhu ivalodadhu.. :) 

But actuala, naanga evlo intense a sandai podroma..  adutha nimishame..

  "Sari edhachum snacks irundha edu thimbom.." nu normal aagiduvom.. 

sometimes avala verupethave summa sandai potutute veetukulla varuvom.. 

Before we get into the actual story, inga character setting and scene setup is very important to get the feel,


reference terrace,


Naan evlo supera cricket vilyaduvenu idha padikira pala peruku already theriyum, therilaina just indha 10 secs video is here for reference to my history,

(Sometimes mobile la above video wont show,  watch it here, What a Shot )

Ivan starting la sama mokkaya dhan aaduvan..  paavam chinna paiyan nu.. naan venumne la thothu poven.. ( just 2 yrs munnadi)  but indha cricket coaching la poittu.. lockdown la overa veetukullaye practice la pantu.. sama form ku vantan....  plus professional cricketer range ku over alapparaya panvan..  kadhaiku pogum bodhu ungaluke theriyum.. 

So ippo avan kooda win pannanumna pala level la strategy la podanum.. 

adhula successful strategy, "sledging... "  yes..  bcuz enaku vera vazhi therla..   thats why ippo game la sama intense a adichupom... 

Samples of sledging...

   "Naan podra ball la first thodu... apram run pathi la yosikalam... "

    "Nee total runs kooda adika venam.. just ore oru 4 run adi.. nee win nu othukuren.. "

    "innum enni moone ball ... un kadhaya mudichidren.. "

   "Ippodhu aadhav avargal, motta maadiya perukki kondu irukirar.... "

    Full stump kaamchittu..  "one hand la kooda adren da..  mudinja bowled pannu.. "

Yaarachu, iyo paavam kozhandhai enna pannuvan nu yosicheengana..  naan idhu varaikum punch pesunadhula 9/10 times avan dhan win pannirukan.... 


(btw moral police yaarachum irundheengana.. abrupt story cut pannitu.. vera velaya paarunga )

Scene :

Inga rules e vera.. ..   ( "master" kabadi scene dialogue mind la vechukonga.. )

Indha usual one pitch catch, veliya pona out thaandi innum pala rules iruku,

1. One pitch thaandi, second pitch la directa pudikama thatti pudicha out

2. Terrace la few tough spots irukum.. anga correcta adicha.. '10' runs, '25' runs

3. Offside la pona,  pinnadi adicha.. kaal la ball pattuchuna. '-2' runs

4. Batting aadum bodhu, ball miss aagi stump la yum padama, pinadi sevuthula pattu return vandhu stump la pattalum out..

5. veliya adicha -4 runs

6. Pepsi ball na under arms, smiley ball na over arms ...

Apram indha speed ku no ball,  full toss no ball.  idhellam andha time mood poruthu....

Ippo andha terrace cricket feel vandhuchu la..    Lets get into the story...

Adada.. time aachu....  Game aadittu vandhu..  'part 2' la story continue panren....

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

"Heart Beat" a kaanum

 Afternoon oru 3:00 mani irukum...  Night la sariya thoongama..  tired la..  lighta kanna mooduvom nu poi bed la paduthen..

exacta oru 15 secs irukkum.. odi vantan.. vandhu melaya paduthu urunduttu, asusual mokka pottutu irudhan.. next 20 secs la avalum vanta.. bed la fulla round katti kadhai pesuradhuku..  

idhula ivan vera chest mela paduthuttu..  aacharyamavum paavamavum moonja vechittu...

"appa unga heart beat e ketkala..."  ..  

( Right seinga da..  started...  :( ) 

idhuku iva, side la irundhu... 

"avar heart beat enkitta la da iruku"...  nu punch reply vera.. 

( naan konja neram kanna moodi padukalamnu nenachadhu oru kuthama.. )

but idhu adhoda nikkala..  ivan adhuku 

"neenga epdi appa heart beat thiruda mudiyum" nu brilliant question vera kettutu.. sandai vera podraan..

but namma vaai summa irukumaa..  

"Adei...Panju...   naan oru fit band pottu irundhen la.. adhu ammavum use pannuchu la.. appo account la sync aanadha dhan amma ipdi solludhunu.. " oru brilliant(???!!) reply koduthen..

( I know i know.. oru feelings dialogue , technical explanation kodukrenu ivlo kevala padutha mudiyadhu.. but cant help it.. )

but innum mudiyala..  

"appo, naanum andha band use pannen.. en heart beat um thiruditangala amma".. nu kettan..


"unga heart beat ellame en kitta dhan iruku nu"... again punch vera..

Naane thooka kalakathula gaandula irukken..   ivanunga maari maari vikraman movie dialogue pesittu....

"un heart beat, en heart beat, ava heart beat ellame Google kaaran dhanda thirudi vechirukkan avan serverla .. ezhundhu pongada.. " - Sama kaduppagi thoratha try pannen... 

adhukum ivan edho ketka vandhan..  oru periyaa kumbudu pottu.. podhumda panju idhoda mudichupom... 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Naanga la andha kaalathula kaathadi vidum bodhu..


I have several stories in draft, didnt publish, just because it didnt get the right finish with all tamil words.. but finally ended up not posting any.. and its been a looooong time..
Then realized, naama enna periya thamizh thaathava.. its just story, as long as we can convery that feel, any medium is fine..
So posting the latest one i wrote today from my draft.. if it works out well, all other drafts will follow

Last one weeka avan attrocity thaanga mudila .. so i asked him to do a kite..

so ivan enkitta help kettan epdi seiyanumnu.. kandathuku la youtube paakra la.. so neeye paarthu senjukada mandoosa nu solten

time aagume nu sonnan..  aamam.. idha thavira next 2 vaarathuku  velai mannu onnume illa.. poi seinga gentleman nu thorathi vitten

next day,  room fulla paper, kuchi, glue, apdiye sidhari kidakku..  ennanmo pantu irundhan.. sari nambala disturb pannadha varaikum ok nu vitten

oru half day ku apram..  paadhi senjutten nu , edho eduthu vandhu kaamchan..

Oru paper, adhula plus shape la diagonal la kuchiya vechu otti.. paperla oru 80% edathuku glue pottu, mela cello tape pottu otti.. kanda kandraviya kaathadi nu soltu eduthuttu vandhan

adhu drone vechu ezhupuna kooda parakadhu.. avlo mattamana state la irundhuchu..

idhula, nool katradhu vera.. enga paarthan therla.. correcta center la 2 inch gap vittu katti vechirukkan..  idhuku aero dynamics la thevai illa..  puyal kaathe vandhalum.. idhu padutha menikke dhan suthum.. ezhundhuka vaaipe illa

sari nu kazhuvi oothittu.. asusual sogam aagittan..  appa busy next day help panren nu solten..

so innaiku adhe kaathadi thookittu vandhan.. idhu parakkum nu..   adei unaku puriyadha da..  enga kaalathula kaathadi seiradhula.. evlo periya kalai theriyuma nu bit pottu..  avana kooptu utkara vechu..

appa oru sirpi da range ku build up pantu..  paper measurement panradhu enna..  kuchi vechu, weight balance adhu idhunu over alaparai la panni

oru kaathadi seiradhe enaku chinna vayasula oru annan dhan solli koduthar..  ungala maadhiri youtube paakala.. appo sollum bodhu.. avlo curiousa interesta paarpom..   ippo paaru epdi vandhiruku nu.. kaathadi senjuttu

idhuku final touch e.. indha 'soothiram' dhan..  epdi nool katradhu nu.. apdiye kaiya vechu alandhu mela 2 inch, keezha 3 inch.. idhu kanakku nu pottu. katti vittu

vaal mattum avanaye cut panna vechu, otta veika sonnen.. .. so finala kaathadi ready

ippo over aarvam aagitan avan.. correcta madhiyam 12 mani uchi veyil.. may month vera..  irundhalum..  aarvathula.. sattai podama.. seruppu mattum pottutu mottai maadi poi vittom paaaru..

adicha kaathuku.. sarrrunu udane parakka aarambichiduchu.. naane edhir paarkala..  apram avane adha pudichu..  nool vidradhu, edukradhunu ennamo pantu irundhan.. sari idhan saaku nu.. nee full nool vittu porumaya iyuthu suthittu vaa nu .. kaila noola koduthuttu veetuku vanten

oru 30 mins.. paiyan nalla karuguna gulab jamun, maadhiri vandhan sweat oda..   yammadi evlo veyil....  yappa..  idhu evlo dhooram pochu theriyuma.. attagasama parandhuchunu over excite aagittan.. 

Sari sari.. eveninga vidlam da.. eduthu vei nu sollitu.. saapda poitom..

Evening time.. avane aaravama kaathadi eduthuttu ponan.. indha vaati naan pogala.. avane enna seiran paarpom nu vitten..  oru 5 mins kayichu pona.. avane kaathadiya parakka vittu .. ella action um perfecta pantu irundhan... 

sari nu poittu innum oru 10 mins kayichu vandhu paartha.. innum over style la kaathadi vittutu irundhan.. 

innum konja neram kayichu paartha..  nalla sevuthula jollya eri utkandhuttu.. relaxed a vittutu irundhan.. paarupa idhellam assault nu

ipdiye pochu.. oru 30 mins.. naan la tea la kudichittu enna dhan panranu poi paakalmnu pona.. tharailaye paduthuttan.. paduthuttu.. pocket la nool kandu pottutu.. kaal mela kaal pottutu.. paartheengala.. adhu paatuku parakudhu nu .. thenavatta soltu irundhan.. 

ada paavi.. idhu ulaga maga thenavatta irukke.. naan panra build up vida..  sari edho pannu nu poitten

(idhula enkitta padukka paai vera kettan, tharaila paduka mudiyadhu.. paai la paduthutte viduvom nu)

apram oru 5 mins irukum.. para para nu odi vandhan.. appa appa.. kaathadi parandhu pochu.. parandhu pochu nu solte.. keezha vega vegama odraan

takkunu pinnadiye kathitte odren.. ennada achu ennada achunu..  andha nool apdiye slip aagi poiduchu paa..   maadi vandhu paartha.. kaathadi innum parakudhu sama height la. romba dhorathula. nool dhan therla.. engayo maati iruku.. 

naanum para para nu seruppu la pottutu.. thorathitte odren.. pakakthu street ku la.. kaathadi mattum theriyudhu.. nool mattum therla

sama tension aagiten..  lockdown oda first day laye .. nalla periya size nool tholachittan..

avanum nalla bayandhuttan.. apram poi pudichu nalla kovathula kathitten..   ellathulayume careless da aadhava.. ellathulayum oru thenavattu..   ippo andha nool enga poi vaanguva.. waste a pocha.. adhu idhu nu nalla thittu

asusual overa sogam aagittan.. apram vaa kuppayachu kottitu varuvom nu kuppaya eduthuttu jodiya ponom..  kaathadi adhe height la engayo parandhuttu iruku... 

nalla thittitu.. asusual konja neram apram, ipdi dhan conversation start aagum, 

"Purinjuko aadhava ..  blah blah.. "

avanum puriyudhupa nu bit poduvan.. paradesi..

apram..  aadhava.  naangala andha kaalathula kaathadi vidum bodhu.....

seriousa mmm mm nu kettutu irundhan.. 

idhe maadhiri dhan , motha noolum theriyama vittu apdiye parandhu poidum.. thorathitte povom.. theru theruvaaa..    enna maadhiriye kevalama careless a irukka da nu...

appo neengalum ipdi dhan panveengala..  enna mattum thitreenga nu thorathitte vandhan adikka.....